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29/12/2018 5:58 pm  

Hi everyone!

I'm currently living in my favorite city in the world, MONTREAL! It's in Canada in case you're wondering.  ; )

I'm a companion, not only to get to know wonderful ladies (because I'm hyper curious — and I don't believe that curiosity killed the cat or I would be in a box six feet under by now) and to get my kick when I see them smile or gasp, but also because it gives me a lot of free time which I spend in various ways. My favorite are climbing and writing. Watching movies, reading... Anything that will feed my imagination or let it express itself! Unfortunately, I can't draw for shit... My biggest regret in life and I tried soooooo much. To no avail.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm dominant. Kink, anyone?  LOL


Max. : D


English Luke
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30/12/2018 1:20 pm  

Hello, Maxime. Great to have you join us in the forum.

To answer your question, my big thing is music. I play the piano and teach, so I guess I'm semi-professional, but I principally work in IT. My love is classical music and jazz. I love Bach more than anything else.

It's interesting what you say about being dominant. I have been asked if I am a dom or a sub. At the time I didn't really understand what that meant but over the years I have worked out what my answer is and I think it's different from most. I think I'll start a topic and put my ideas down to see what people think.

And since you say you are in Canada, the thing I always think of about there is what I heard a Canadian comedian say once. He pointed out that he is often confused for an American but he corrects people by saying "We're like 668 - the neighbour of the beast!"

English Luke, straight male companion for ladies and couples

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11/01/2019 6:44 am  

Canadians are simply the nicest people on earth!! Thanks for sharing about yourself Maxime; looking forward to getting to know you more. What kind of Dom do you identify as? I’m a sub with limited experience but a strong grasp of what I want haha “part time brat, full time princess” as they say. 

Song Bird
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17/01/2019 6:59 pm  

Hi, Maxime!

Welcome!  Great to see you here on the new forum!  I LOVE Montréal!  I live in England now, but I used to live in New York and have been up to Montréal several times.  I once took an impromptu trip up there with some friends for my birthday.  It's amazing.  You just drive for nine hours and suddenly you're in what feels like a European country. 

I'm a freelance musician, and I also love freelance life.  I love that every day is different, and that it gives me time to explore other interests.  

I wouldn't say that I have any "kinks."  Maybe?  I'm pretty vanilla, but I love DD/lg play, so I think I'm definitely submissive.  I bet if you start a thread about kinks it would get a lot of hits!

Hannah x

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26/06/2019 1:33 am  

I've been curious to ask you, Max: is your first language French, or English, or are you one of those freak Montrealers who can't remember a time they didn't speak both? And how do you find language affects meeting clients?

I'm functional (but little more) in French and Spanish, and have met a few clients who speak these languages. We've had fun, but there's obviously more connection possible when you share fluency in a language. 

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26/06/2019 5:03 am  

I agree, there can be a better connection if you're both fluent in the same language. However, I've been with clients who weren't fluent in English or French and it went well.

My first language was French. I used to have little to no accent in English, but I've lost it since I'm not speaking it often enough. I'm still fluent, but the accent is back, I'm afraid.


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