A true English gent...

A true English gentleman  


English Luke
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02/12/2018 10:29 pm  

Hello, everybody. I am Luke and I'm from the London area. I first started as a companion about three years ago purely in the London area. I have discovered the international scene during 2018 through my close friend Hannah who has given me much encouragement and support in widening the area I make myself available in.

I am passionate that women should have access to high-quality male escorts/companions. I believe in tailoring everything to what the woman wants to give her a magical experience that is just what she needs. I would never leave a lady unsatisfied with the level of service they received from me. Building a woman's self-confidence and self image is a very important part of what I do.

I am really excited about finding an international community of men and women who understand the need for this kind of service, and I'm really looking forward to being part of this new venture to breathe life back into it.


English Luke, straight male companion for ladies and couples

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29/12/2018 5:50 pm  

What about you passions and hobbies in life?  : )

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