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Anthony Asanti
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06/02/2019 9:47 pm  

Dear WCF,

It's good to be here to interact with some new, old and those to become friends and lovers.

I enjoy the simple pleasures of life: a delicious home cooked meal, pursuing my passions, intriguing conversations and intimate rendezvous with new & old friends.

Like others here, I have a creative side. It manifest itself as a musician, dancer, a chef for the epicurean desires and in the martial arts.  I love the feeling of being in the groove of the moment. The creative juices penetrates, taking hold every part of the body, mind and spirit. Time fades away and whatever activity one is engaged in comes with ease.

Neuro psychologists refer to this mental state appropriately as flow. It's actually a trance state to connect with forces that exists in the universe (generally called spirits). For literally thousands of years ancient and indigenous people have created activities, rituals etc. (sexual & non-sexual) to reach this state. To our Western way of thinking it may look useless, crazy, etc. But properly understood, it's actually an ingenious technology, in my humble opinion.

Studying ancient and indigenous civilizations is one of my passions.

Get in touch with me and let's flow together pursuing our passions (yours, mine or ours).  ? 

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Some men work to get pleasure from women. Bringing pleasure to women is my work.

Song Bird
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10/02/2019 1:45 am  

Hello, Anthony!

It's lovely to interact with you here on WCF.  Your reputation as a companion is exemplary, and you are obviously a man of many diverse talents and interests.  

I recently expressed to my partner that I think I have an "inner pagan." I share your interest in indigenous civilizations and I am very interested in learning more about the lives of my Celtic ancestors and their matriarchal culture.  One thing many indigenous people valued very highly, which I think is often lost in modern life, is a sense of community and interdependence, both between people and between people and the earth.  Modern life can be very isolating. 


Anthony Asanti
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11/02/2019 7:27 pm  

Hey Hannah,

It's great to be here. Thanks for the accolades. Also, kudos to you and Luke for bringing forth this lovely forum.

I think that you right and I encourage you to follow what you feel inside. It's sometimes called inner-intelligence/spirit, intuition, etc. It is always leading one to something that is higher, greater, deeper and it is never wrong.

You may be the reincarnation of a Celtic Goddess or Warrior Princess. Who Knows?  ? 

What I've found is that indigenous people have many overlapping relationships in their lives. These relationships tend to engender feelings of belonging, love, concern and community in their society. Then a relationship with one's significant other(s) or lack thereof becomes but one of many relationships in one's life (not necessarily sexual). People tend to feel more connected, grounded, etc. which is something that we all desire deep within, instead of feeling disconnected, isolated or lonely. 

Here's an article to get you started Goddess/Princess:


Some men work to get pleasure from women. Bringing pleasure to women is my work.

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