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A male companion (or "escort"), is a man who provides clients with professional company or intimacy under a variety of different circumstances.  Since this forum is designed for straight women who are looking for straight male companionship, we will restrict our discussion to heterosexual client/companion interactions.
Companions can accompany their clients to social events like weddings or concerts, provide friendly and stimulating conversation, or offer experiences such as sensual massage, exotic dance, modeling, or role play.  In places in the world where sex work is legal, companions can also provide sexual services.  Their goal is to fulfill their clients' fantasies, and to make women feel desired, adored and pampered.  
Particularly in the modern world, many women who are at the top of their game professionally, and who have fulfilling and happy lives in many other respects, can find dating and romance difficult and demoralizing to navigate.  This is one situation where professional male companions can come in.  The best companions are attractive, intelligent, compassionate, understand women, and know how to show them a good time.  
In the same way as a woman can engage a hairdresser, a personal shopper, a massage therapist, and a personal chef, she can also engage a companion with impeccable skills who can give her pleasurable male attention when she needs it. 
Some companions are available for couples who wish to engage them to add a little extra spice to their relationship.

Hannah and Luke x

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