This is my story. W...

This is my story. What's yours?  


English Luke
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09/12/2018 9:02 pm  

Here's a question for ladies and companions. How did you first find your way into this scene? Here's my story. I'd love to hear yours.

I have always been very open-minded and uninhibited. For example, in the late 90s I was approached by somebody at the gym while I was getting changed. He said a female friend of his was a professional dance instructor and ran hen nights (bachelorette parties for our American friends) in her dance studio doing burlesque nights. Most of them required a male stripper. In order to cut her costs, she tried to avoid agencies (who charged an extra margin) and went out to find suitable guys directly. He asked me if I would be interested. I very much was. I went to meet her, she choreographed a routine for me and for the next three years or so I was on her rota of male strippers. I loved every minute of it and my heart jumped every time I answered the phone and it was this lady with another booking for me.

In 2014, I was looking for ways to make a bit of extra cash on the side. Having been a male stripper, I looked at a variety of adult activities. One I came across was being a male escort in London, around where I worked. It was an agency site that made it very clear that it was to be strictly platonic and no sexual services whatsoever were to be offered. I signed up and a few months later I found myself going to a work function for a lady a little older than me. She had always gone alone to this sort of thing and felt like a Johnny No-Mates. She saw other women going with boyfriends and husbands and felt like the odd one out. She felt that everybody was looking at her wondering why she couldn't get a boyfriend. I don't know if her perception was correct, but that is how it seemed to her.

We met up half an hour before the function, had a chat and got our stories straight and went to the function. She did get quite a bit of attention from people wondering who I was. I had to mingle with her friends and colleagues and I had to make up a load of shit on the fly as a back story! It was fun. Every time one of us came up with some new fact we hadn't previously discussed, we glared at each other as if to say "You'd better remember that!" There was nothing particularly sexual going on. We held hands a lot and had the occasional peck and less-occasional cuddle, but for her it was really about giving off the right impression.

About a month later she booked me again for several hours to go to a wedding of a friend of hers. We did much the same sort of thing. At the end of the evening, we had a bit of a snog on the dance floor and she used me as an excuse to leave because she said we were having difficulty keeping our hands off each other [wink wink]. So we put on a bit of an act as we left and we drove off and she let me out at the station.

We didn't see each other again. I have often wondered what happened to her, what her story was about why nobody ever saw me again, and what anybody thinks of this total stranger in a set of wedding photos!

I had two more bookings through that agency. It turns out that not all women pay any attention to the agency rules of appointments being strictly platonic. In one case we went out to dinner and she invited me back to her place afterwards, making it clear what she wanted. I said that her booking time was at an end, so we made an arrangement that suited both of us. She wanted one hour but I said it would work better with two hours because I think it is well worth spending the time and not feeling rushed. So I went back to hers and she got everything she wanted, and was very pleased I suggested two hours.

My final booking with that agency involved me going round to a lady's flat (apartment) for dinner. She cooked very well and asked me if I would stay overnight. We came to an agreement and she also got what she wanted. I slipped out of bed as the sun was coming up, kissed her on the forehead before I left, and went off to work in the same clothes I left in the previous day.

I very much enjoyed my experiences. They were all lovely people. They all had issues of self-confidence and body image. They opened up to me and I listened to their stories. I think the thing they all had in common was that they wanted and experience with a man on their terms. Those terms were not about a man just trying to get his end away. They wanted to talk. They wanted a boyfriend experience. They wanted a gentle, sensual touch from somebody who was not going to pressure them into anything they didn't want. They wanted to call the shots. They all wanted to feel a connection with the man they were with. This was important for the woman who twice wanted to show she had a date. It was important for different reasons for the two women who propositioned me about extra services. They chose to spend our allotted time together enabling a rapport to grow before they decided what they wanted to happen next between us. (This is very different from a man hiring a female escort, which can be all done in half an hour with both parties having received what they wanted.)

The fact that they went out to get what they wanted was something I hugely respected them for. I was able to counter their self-image issues and flatter them, which they really seemed to enjoy. I found it very rewarding. The ladies gave me great feedback for the agency which was very satisfying for me.

Fast forward to early 2018. I met a lady called Hannah online. She lived in the USA. We very quickly became close friends. She had booked a male companion a couple of years earlier and greatly appreciated the experience. I told her about my experiences as a male escort and as a male stripper. She introduced me to the Concierge du Monde forum and the international scene I had never come across. With her encouragement and guidance, I have put together my web site and I am starting out in this scene after a few years away.

That's how I am here. What's your story? This is for both ladies and companions. Obviously feel free to comment on or ask questions about anything I have said too.

English Luke, straight male companion for ladies and couples

Song Bird
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18/12/2018 9:51 pm  

I really loved reading about your journey, Luke.  

I am a woman with a busy career and active social life.  I am a professional classical musician and I travel all over the world performing music.  I feel unbelievably fortunate to be able to make my living that way.  It's a dream come true.  

But, a few years ago, when I was about 39, I was single and had virtually no dating life.  Even when I was much younger, navigating the world of dating and romance was difficult and demoralizing for me, but it became increasingly so the older I got and the more successful I became.  I got really fed up of having dates with men who were selfish, inconsiderate, disrespectful, and only interested in their own pleasure.  At the same time, my sex drive was becoming much stronger.  I'm quite a resourceful and pragmatic person, so I started to think about my dilemma in practical terms.  Since I had been very successful professionally, I started to approach the problem like a job I wanted.  

I started asking myself what I wanted in a date.  What did my ideal date look like?  What kind of experience did I want to have?  What turned me on?  I wondered if it was possible to curate for myself the best possible experience, and of course, it was.  

It was during this process that I discovered Concierge du Monde and its forum, where I was able to chat with like-minded women and companions.  I had my first experience with a companion, James Craig, in June of 2017, and it was fantastic.  Since then, I have met a wonderful partner, and my sex life has been phenomenal.  Naturally, I am now positively evangelical about encouraging other women to exercise agency over their own lives, and about discovering tools to help them do that.  

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