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Erotic massage for ladies - Your thoughts?  


English Luke
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18/12/2018 9:47 pm  

I am looking at offering a new service for ladies (new for me, at least) and I'm interested to know readers' thoughts about it.

I am planning on learning massage properly and getting formally qualified, and offering sensual massages for ladies, with a happy ending. The idea is that some ladies who are on the fence about booking a full appointment with a male companion for several hours with all that goes into it may feel more comfortable with something shorter, lower cost and potentially less intimate. It would also not fall foul of the law in places where more intimate appointments can.

Several years ago I decided that I wanted to really learn the skills required to satisfy a woman. I went to a teacher who taught me how to use my hands and mouth to bring a woman to an exquisite and powerful climax, potentially over and over. She started with diagrams showing me where the key parts of the body are, gave me descriptions of how to find them and be sure I am in the right place. She taught me a technique that brings these things together which slowly builds up a woman up in intensity until she hits an amazing high. I have since used my skills on a few women and honed my skills. A number of women have been very happy with the results and praised the name of my teacher!

The result is I have an unusually high knowledge of a woman's body for a man, and skills that most men don't take the trouble to develop or use. It was one of the most important £200 I ever spent, and one of the most rewarding for me and ladies who have subsequently experienced the technique I learned. It has increased my confidence with women tremendously and I would recommend any man to go and learn what I did. Many women stand to benefit.

I think that combining good-quality massage, which many women enjoy anyway, with a sensual experience that leaves them immensely satisfied sounds like something many women could enjoy. I have had equivalent massages from women in my time and I thoroughly enjoy them.

I would be very interested to hear ladies' opinions about this. Would you book such a massage? Have you ever had a massage like it? Please let me know whatever your thoughts are.

English Luke, straight male companion for ladies and couples

Song Bird
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17/01/2019 7:30 pm  

I LOVE this idea!  I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has thought to herself, "Why are there so many sensual massage parlors for men, and hardly any for women?"  I suspect it's for the same reasons that companions for women are rare: because women often don't feel that they are "allowed" to have agency and seek out that kind of experience for themselves, or perhaps they have safety concerns.  One of the things that appeals to me about it is that it feels less intimidating than booking a companion for a full date.  Another is that it's presumably more affordable for those of us who are not wealthy, but who like to treat ourselves from time to time.  

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